Join Getty Images Music

We’re always on the lookout for talented artists creating fresh and original music to join us. As the ultimate source for premium content, we are a market leader in music licensing across digital platforms, television, advertising, film, online and corporate videos.

As a Getty Images Music contributor:

  • There is no submission fee. If your music is not used, you lose nothing.
  • You will receive 35% of the license fees we receive for your music (you may also earn performance royalties for certain uses).
  • Your agreement with Getty Images is non-exclusive and does not prevent you from working with others (you retain 100% ownership of your songs).
  • You enjoy worldwide exposure for you and your music.
  • You can easily upload with our online submission process.

What we're asking for

  • The right to license your songs on a non-exclusive basis to any of our clients around the world.
  • A guarantee from you that all the material you are submitting is your own: original, written by you and (not sampled from other people's music) with the rights secured from all writers, composers, musicians, performers and others having any interest in the composition, lyrics or sound recordings.
  • A minimum one-year commitment.
  • Cutting-edge music in every genre imaginable.

Next step

If you'd like to license your music through Getty Images Music, we’ll review two sample tracks to see if they’re marketable and meet the high technical and creative standards our customers demand. If so, we'll offer you a contract and "green light" your account so you can make a full submission.

Click here to create an account and submit your two sample tracks.

About us

Getty Images Music has created a real marketplace for artists to license their music. We’ve earned millions of dollars for our contributors through countless placements across all platforms – TV, online, social media, mobile, film, video games and more. As an industry leader, we continue to develop relevant new ways to license and monetize your content through new products, services and licensing models.

For additional information please review our FAQs.